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This course can no longer be booked.

Advanced Eco-Papermaking Workshop

Guest Artist Series: Yasaman Moussavi

  • Ended
  • 80 Canadian dollars
  • Oak Street Studios

Workshop Description

Handmade paper offers rich possibilities for artistic expression. Artists have utilized this medium to convey their ideas and explore their creativity. In the upcoming workshop, participants will delve into advanced techniques such as embossing and shaping paper to enhance their art projects, while discovering the endless possibilities of this medium. Shaped Paper: Participants will learn how to form paper into various shapes, from organic curves to geometric designs. Using foam board, students will create frames in their preferred shapes for a wide range of creative projects, including installation art and book art. Additionally, they will experiment with laying paper over flexible objects to create folded and organic shapes. Embossing and Embedding: Embossing adds dimension and tactile interest to paper by creating raised designs on its surface. In this workshop, participants will learn to emboss their freshly made paper using various objects such as yarns, brushes, wood sticks, and leaves. They will also be guided in creating foam boards to use as plates for transferring shapes onto their paper. This technique, commonly used by well-known artists, is especially prominent in Modern and contemporary art. Adding Coloured Pulp to Shaped Paper: Participants will experiment with adding layers of coloured pulp to their papers, adding depth and complexity to their creations. This workshop provides a low-tech foundation in papermaking that is both expandable and non-toxic, making it accessible to students with limited access to studio facilities. Please note that the handmade paper sheets require at least 48 hours to dry. You can arrange a time to pick them up in the following week(s). Materials that will be provided for participants to use during the workshop: Moulds and deckles Buckets Trays Kitchen blender Stainer, mesh, and plastic Felts Fabric ink Sponges Towels Fabric dye Yarn Threads About the instructor: Yasaman Moussavi is an artist and educator who holds an MFA and a BFA, currently pursuing a PhD in Art Education at the University of British Columbia. Fascinated by how immersive experiences in public spaces and site-specific art can inspire imagination to overcome the alienation caused by precarity, Yasaman is passionate about community art and its potential to raise social awareness. Through her papermaking practices, she utilizes recycled paper as a medium for collaborative and creative expression of identities, stories, and values.

Contact Details

  • 8930 Oak Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada

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