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Events for Vancouver, BC & EVERYWHERE else!

Our workshops are not any ordinary paint nites!

We are on a mission to bring people closer to one another through the process of making art!

Present Art Studio is interested in designing and holding creative, fun, educational, and meaningful team-building workshops that are infused with hands-on and artful activities.

The core of our Team Building Events is our attention to the importance of fostering strong and creative teamwork. We invite participants to further develop confidence in expressing themselves, find meaningful connections to their coworkers and their workplace/company, and find innovative ways to develop an idea creatively while being encouraged to think outside of the box. 

We can host up to 30 people in each virtual workshop and up to 10 people for in-person events in our studio. All the workshops are conducted and led by two professional artists and instructors who really enjoy meeting new people and find it absolutely rewarding to connect with people through making art.

What We Offer
For our virtual team building workshops, we send individual packages to all participants in advance along with a small set of instructions to help them prepare for this exciting experience. The attendees will participate in an art project along with their coworkers and the instructors.
All the materials required for this activity will be included in the packages.
The duration of each workshop is 90 minutes, however, if needed, participants will be provided with up to half an hour of extra time to complete their projects. 

Photos are from one of the Team Building workshops at our studio with a fabulous team from Makersights company in Feb 2020.

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